Our creative director, Laura runs workshops and offers one to one sessions on releasing trapped emotions from the body, self Love and deeper connection. 

Emotion Release is Laura's weekly workshop in collaboration with the Psychedelic Society interweaving somatic work, Qigong, voice and breath work to create deep liberation for body, mind and spirit. 

Through a series of practical physical techniques, you will be guided to release trapped fear based emotions such as anger, frustration and hopelessness to come into a greater state of balance and harmony. 

Laura currently offers Emotion Release on a bi-weekly basis on Saturdays from 2-4p.m. on zoom. 

"A really beautiful experience - It was delicately led and a real journey through the senses and emotions - The sensations evoked were electric at some stages - Thank you"


Sean Kinahan

Laura's Self Love workshop is an opportunity to shift and reprogram your perspective about yourself.

We work with neurolinguistic programming, body wisdom areas, somatic experiencing and more to uncover and deeper and truer connection to yourself. 

Click link below for tickets and more info

"Beautiful, just beautiful"


"Last time I came in a horrible mood and left feeling absolutely peaceful and loving. The facilitator is really lovely and it's slightly different every time. i will come again and again."


"Laura is an amazing facilitator. She led the entire session beautifully, holding space for all of us and making us feel safe. I felt much lighter after it! I am very happy to have pushed my boundaries and to feel I’ve made new steps towards coming home to myself."


Frances Guela

"It was a really amazing experience, thank you so much! I am really feeling the impact of this powerful work and so grateful." 


Hannah Reeves

 "The experience helped me to be more present and to let go. There were tears, there was anger, it was a powerful session, and Laura held the space for us all to 'be with' whatever came up so beautifully. Thanks again."


Kevin French 

"Completely transformative. Thank you" 
Jamie Tompkins 

Laura Reeves 

Creative Director 


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